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"So… think you can kill a god?"

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As Jamie Lee Curtis explains, hurt people hurt people…

An anti-bullying video which tells us all something important about dealing with bullies. And not becoming them.

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I’m sorry, but this is bullshit.

Yes in some cases people who are bullies have rough backgrounds who are bullied themselves, but asking a kid who’s getting the shit kicked out of them to turn to their attacker and say “Bro man it’s cool, are you having a hard time at home? what’s up, you can talk to me” will result in one of two things. 1, the kid thinking it’s hilarious and continuing the beating or 2. the kid being terrified that this other kid can see their weakness, and lashing out on them even harder for it. 

The bullying kids need help and intervention, but the kids being bullied themselves shouldn’t have to be the ones to stand above their own torment to help those bastards out.

I was bullied. quite a fucking lot, and I never bullied anyone because I knew how fucking awful it felt. quite a lot of people get bullied but don’t become bullies themselves. 

Sometimes, people are just bad. people just want to hurt others. this video is going to be responsible for so many kids getting the extra stuffing knocked out of them by trying to respond to their torture with hugs and fucking puppies.


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Brand New - Limousine


Brand New - Limousine



Here it is! The short film I’ve been working on for months for New Form Digital. I hope you enjoy it. If not, that’s fine. I’ll just go back to my old job, bartering for pelts.

You need to watch this. NEED TO.